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Concealment Picture Frame for Pistols and Handguns
Concealment Picture Frame for Pistols and Handguns
Concealment Picture Frame for Pistols and Handguns
Concealment Picture Frame for Pistols and Handguns
Concealment Picture Frame for Pistols and Handguns
Concealment Picture Frame for Pistols and Handguns

Concealment Picture Frame for Pistols and Handguns

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Display your favorite photo while discretely providing easy access to your handgun with this pistol concealment frame! The inside is 8x10" with a depth of 1-½”, large enough to hold a 6” Revolver or any other handgun smaller than that. 

Your Handgun Picture Frame Case is fully assembled and ready to mount on your wall:

  1. Two strong magnets are included to keep your firearm contained while opening the lid. 
  2. The picture frame has an Acid Free Double Mat that will hold a 5x7" photo. If you wish, you can remove the Mat and the frame will then hold an 8x10" print.
  3. To mount your case to the wall, simply use the two included strong drywall anchors.
Item includes:
  • Picture frame Case
  • Glass
  • Acid Free Mat
  • Acid Free Foam Backer Board
  • Mounting Hardware
  • 2 Super strong Magnets
  • 2 Drywall Anchors


Tools needed (minimum): #2 Phillips screwdriver, Level, Tape - for mounting a 5x7 photo
Tools Suggested: Flat head screwdriver - for assisting with flex tabs & a second set of hands to assist with hanging.

  1. Mounting the frame may be easier if you first remove the glass and foam completely. Flex tabs hold the glass/foam in and can be bent upward - a flat head screwdriver makes this easier.
  2. Locate desired frame hanging position and locate stud inside of wall. Studs are not necessary as two drywall anchors are supplied, but placement of one of the mounting holes over a stud is suggested.
  3. Locate mounting holes inside the frame on the back board. Place the frame on the wall with a mounting hole over the stud - if possible. Place a level on top of the frame box and verify the unit is level. Using a second set of hands to assist in holding the frame, mark the wall with a pen or sharpie inside the mounting holes.
  4. Remove the frame from the wall. If you are mounting through just drywall install the drywall anchors. If one of the marks is over a stud then no anchor is needed. Take the plastic, self drilling anchor - and using a #2 phillips screwdriver - screw the anchor into the wall at the marks you made. A little pressure is needed to assist screwing in the anchor. Screw the anchor until the head is flush with your wall. Repeat that step if you need two anchors.

With anchors in drywall, place the frame back on the wall and line up the anchors with the mounting holes. Using the supplied screws, install the screws into the anchors. Reminder, an anchor is not necessary if a mounting hole lines up with a stud.

Firearm Mounting

  1. Make sure the frame is securely in place
  2. Place your firearm in the case in the desired position. Firearm must not be suspended, but resting on the bottom of the case. Make a mark where your firearm touches the back of the case and your gun has the strongest attraction to the magnet.
  3. Using alcohol swabs provided, wipe where the magnet(s) will be fastened. You must allow alcohol to fully dry or for the 3M contact tape will not adhere.
  4. Stick magnets on the marks after they have dried.

All our custom picture frames are hand-made in Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania. We'll provide you with the highest quality craftsmanship, because we know your best memories are worth framing perfectlyQuality and craftsmanship is ensured in each product with Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.


Please Note: This is not a Safe or Lock Box.